Where Am I?

Disappeared from social media, disappeared from the world.

The truth is I got rid of things that no longer served me. I have done lots of soul searching in the past months on raising my vibrational awareness and increasing my energy. The truth is all the answers are hiding inside of you. Sometimes being able to find them means being in complete isolation. Learning, analyzing and truth seeking. Growth is uncomfortable, raw and unapologetic.

Wellness is so much more than the physical. For me it was easy to focus on the physical as I expanded my mind and soul. It was time for me to get out of my comfort zone and go back to my roots. What I did is downsized, moved to the forest, focused on simplicity and the most important was get rid of social media. I have a

12 step blog about how i raised my vibration coming tomorrow. I have plans for preparing my

self to live off grid one step at a time. More of that to come....

My goal with this is to help serve others,with hopes that my stories and self realization help others get out of there own comfort zones and grow to there full potential.

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