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Why I created Chantal Kil Fitness Classes:

Over the past 9 years of  being a mother I have struggled at many points in my life to find the perfect fitness regime for me. The top restricting factors for  me were:

-Finding  time to  sneak  away  from the kids to go  to  the gym (which takes a  lot more time  and energy  than I  had  ever imagined)

- Feeling judged about my postpartum physique or my  appearance in  general since  I'm  no longer  my only priority 

- Being in gyms that made me feel intimidating because of  my tattoos and dyed hair

The  list goes on!

As females we have a lot to think about, your appearance shouldn't be added into that! I never want anyone to skip a workout because "you didn't have enough time to put your makeup on" or  "because you're worried how that shirt makes you look"


Coaching women to love themselves throughout the journey- Not just at the end

You're probably waiting for the day you look in the mirror and love what you  see- I get it, I've been there. What if I told you, you can love what you see in the mirror before you even see any  physical changes.  All it takes is a community of strong females willing to  change the definition of  beauty standards  and  of  course you'll  have my guidance  every step of the way.


My virtual  classes are the perfect alternative for you busy females! They're designed to maximize your results, from home with minimal equipment needed- it will only take 1 hour of your day AND the best part is, it's ONLY $1 a day until September  19th! Affordable, convenient, fun & amazing results-  can't get any better  than that !



As most  gyms solely focus on physical  health, I'm taking a different approach to my classes. As moms/busy women we need more than our physical therapy, we need to focus  on our mental health &  spiritual health as well. Understanding your body is the  only way  you can reach your true potential.

The classes I will be running are:

1. Weights

2.Tabata (HIIT-Mixture of  weights & cardio)

3. EMOM (Every minute on the minute)

4. Yoga

5. Meditation


Class Schedule

Need more guidance?

For those of you that need more accountability & more coaching, I have more amazing options for you!

Chantal Kil


Wellness COACH

In the comfort of your own home


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