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I offer  22 unlimited classes. All classes are meant to challenge you in different areas of fitness. Classes include Lift ,Hiit, Tabata, EMOM, Spinning, Yoga, Power Yoga, Meditation, Fitness, TRX, Integration and Mobility.


After you purchase the unlimited class package you need to book your classes through this site. Once classes are booked you will receive a zoom link. Click on the link 5 mins before class and voila! Turn on your internet audio and camera and I can see your form and make any necessary adjustments. We go through the workout together. Its like having a personal trainer in your home!! Not only that but I keep you one hundred percent accountable, so if I see you haven't done any classes lately you'll be hearing from me! :) Sometimes Life does happen, but luckily for you all classes are recorded and added to the workout library to make sure you never miss a workout! (no you will not get recorded) I have over 200 classes in the workout library as we speak.


The equipment you would need to start of is a pair of dumbbells, a band with handles and a booty band. Eventually I would recommend getting a stepper but no immediate need because I always give alternatives.


My goal is for every one of my clients to be successful in not only fitness but every aspect of their lives. It all starts by forming healthy habits and finding your inner confidence. I will guide you every step of the way and support you through your journey. We also have a private Facebook group where we have challenges and motivation when you need extra support. The challenges are meant to improve your quality of living and change unhealthy habits that you never thought you could. Book now and start your path to success.





Foggy Mountains


My virtual  classes are the perfect alternative for you busy females & males! They're designed to maximize your results, burn as many calories while maintaining your muscle, improve strength and flexibility. All in the comfort of your home with minimal equipment needed- it will only take 1 hour of your day !

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Foggy Mountains


I'm a mother to 2 very active kids. Ive been a personal trainer for over a decade. I live in the outdoors, hiking,biking,rock climbing, exploring everything nature has to offer, I love it all!I bring my kids everywhere with me even if its in a toddler hiking pack. My personal goal is to one day live off grid ( yeah I'm one of those) I love fitness and have enjoyed multiple different areas of fitness. I have learned what works best for me is variety!


I have multiple certifications under my belt. A year ago when Covid hit, and my gym closed down, I knew I needed to make a drastic change. I moved all my workouts online and clients as well. After lots of learning, fast adjustments I never looked back, The convenience for clients and all the travel time they save is amazing.They no longer have the struggle of finding a sitter in order to get a workout done


I know how hard it can be to find the motivation to get back on track! My goal is to make sure you reach your goals and find the right balance for you to keep them, but most of all enjoy your workouts.

Your wealth is your health.

Yoga at Home

New Addition to Chantal Kil Fitness- Let's Welcome Lisa


After all your continued support, referrals, and motivation, Chantal Kil Fitness is finally at the point where It added a new addition to the fitness team!!

It’s because of all your great ideas and feedback that this community has grown to be empowering supportive, challenging and the best over all approach to different aspects of fitness.

Please keep sending your thoughts, constructive feedback and what you guys want to see more of.

Give a warm welcome to our advanced power yoga instructor Lisa Marie!! She has done her 500 hour yoga teacher training in Nepal . She’s also an advanced climber and loves everything nature !!

Welcome our little hippie and come say hi every Yoga and meditation,

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For those of you that need more accountability & more coaching, I have more amazing options for you!

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